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While the iPhone and iOS have done a nice job of making Siri into an intelligent voice assistant, the same can’t be said for the rest of Apple’s web-based platform.

For one, Siri’s personality is entirely based on the whims of the user: She’ll respond appropriately to your query but can respond in completely different ways depending on your mood.

Second, Siri is not always the best at answering your questions and will always rely on your personal experience to get the most out of it.

Third, Siri’s ability to recognize certain features of your smartphone or other hardware (specifically the Apple Watch) makes it extremely difficult to program the software to perform an impossible task.

Siri is a bit like a child asking “Why are there three wheels on bicycles?” She knows the answer, but it is a little too human-like and doesn’t have that child-like personality of Siri’s. Also, the lack of a physical home screen and the fact that Siri has limited options, not that she ever really had any other kind are the main reasons why the product is still under developer’s control.

So, which technology will Apple adopt that works out best for Apple users and Siri’s future?

One tech-savvy tech reviewer has already taken an extreme stance on the whole issue, and that tech reviewer is none other than Mark Gurman of GigaOM.

The answer, he believes, is “a mixed bag.” While Siri’s personality is somewhat limited to the questions she can answer, it’s impossible to program Siri to perform an impossible task (i.e. build a smart home where none exists) and that just doesn’t seem right when it comes to Siri.

“The company’s decision to leave Siri alone, while admirable, will result in many more Siri failures and not much more Siri innovation,” Gurman writes.

The rest of this article will explore how the entire web voice-assistant experience should be changed in an attempt to bring Siri into the future and make it less of a novelty than it is today (or at least in the future as the company is planning to update its iOS mobile platform next month).

One option for a Siri in the future that is actually viable, Gurman claims, is a virtual assistant like Cortana’s on Windows or Amazon’s on the Kindle Fire devices.

A virtual personal assistant is a technology that can handle tasks more like a human than a machine. In this case, Gurman

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