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I hope so.

It’s possible. After the Apple TV 3 launch, we learned that developers could make their apps available without the need for a software update, so one of our favorite features from the new model was that iOS 8 could be installed and updated on an older Apple TV without having to be physically connected to the home. This meant that developers could still build their apps and services without any hassle from their customers, but it also helped to put the entire experience in an iOS-first world.

Apple TV 3 launch

So it’s possible in theory for Siri to work outside an iOS device, and that Apple will have a variety of devices that support Apple Search or Apple TV 3.

Apple TV 3 release

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AMY GOODMAN: Today on Democracy Now!, Democracy Now!,, The War and Peace Report. We’re speaking with award-winning journalist Seymour Hersh. His new piece in The New York Times Magazine is headlined “The Deadliest War That Could Be Fought.” It was published today.

Now, I want to ask the question at the beginning—I’ve talked about it myself before, that the United States should never have invaded Iraq. I wonder, though, how you can come up with an argument that proves the opposite? And that’s what we wanted to do.

SIRIUS HERSH: Well, the main thing that we showed with the New York Times in the past has been that when you have something that is so evil in the eyes of the world, there’s always a possibility that, if you show it to the same people, you can make some sort of argument that it is actually justified, that it is going to make life better. But, in fact, all the evidence shows, for a start, that Saddam is the person who was doing most of the worst stuff. The weapons really have been in his possession long before the war. He has plenty of time to get weapons and to get them to his agents. So that, of course, is the most dangerous thing.

That said, we have plenty of proof in Iraq, and it is being gathered daily, and it shows how bad it is. One example we use is—I’ve shown this before on Democracy Now! —we use intelligence reports from Iraq. But you can hardly take this stuff seriously here in New York, when it’s just not true. We could show

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