Why is free energy Impossible? – Free Energy Formula

I can never prove that free energy is impossible because physics does not lend itself to the task. In the most basic way, free energy is an impossible force. You do not make anything you want when you have nothing to work with. I can make up the energy that could push the earth back into the orbit of Venus and Mars by having a ball of pure carbon atoms, or I can make up free energy by giving this ball of pure carbon atoms in a vacuum to a free electron. But if I do create a ball of pure carbon atoms, then I could never create enough gas that it would push the earth back into the orbit of Venus and Mars. The free energy to move the earth back into the orbit is the same energy that I could get for the same effort.

It’s true that when you give my atoms in a vacuum one free electron, that is, the energy produced is not free energy. It will go to a vacuum, and a vacuum is much less dense than a molecular gas, so I won’t get as much energy from this ball. But it’s different with a molecule, there I can create a ball of electrons. You can create a ball of electrons, but you can’t give a ball of electrons to a free electron, and the free electron will produce heat. The same can be said about the electromagnetic field for particles.

Why couldn’t a body make up free energy by combining atoms in the wrong way?

I cannot prove the impossibility of free energy by putting the atoms in the wrong order, because they are all the same. They all have the same elementary particle, namely, one of the Higgs mass. It’s all a question of order. You can’t make up atoms by breaking them into sub-atomic particles and sending them into the wrong states, or putting them in the wrong places. You can only use one type of energy, an electric one. It has to be made from one kind of particle. If you give electrons to a magnetic field by giving it a magnetic pole and a force of the electron, then the net electric field will look like a magnetic field. The mass of a magnet is determined by the mass of the magnetic field. The same applies to free energy. The problem is that there are lots of different types of electromagnetic fields for all different types of bodies. You can only use one energy type, an electric one.

So you don’t even know what you are going to get when you try to create an energy field or an

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