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(a) John G. and Henry L. Rockefeller – The Tesla of the past is far better then the Edison of the past and the Henry of the past. Tesla is one of the most successful inventors in history despite having received a poor reputation by the public until the day he died. The Tesla is the future and the Edison of the past. John G. and Henry L. Rockefeller were all powerful people from their father’s side. I do not believe either of them was a good person or an honorable person. They were all greedy, greedy bastards who never worked hard, kept their mouths shut about their wealth and their political positions, and always had to be protected. This is the true reason that Tesla was killed and his legacy and influence in the world of electrical engineering has diminished, because both of them are still living. (4) Einstein was a genius, but his theories are so flawed, he does not even work the Tesla like way. (a) Yes, Einstein is a genius, but he has failed so miserably at his inventions. Some people said he was just too ambitious, not willing to accept defeat. There’s no evidence for this and it’s just the way they presented his theories to the world. His inventions are amazing and it’s the way he came up with the theory of relativity that has truly enabled the universe. Einstein was just too ambitious (and ignorant) to understand the universe. I feel as though any genius who could not work the way Tesla worked the Tesla had his hands in the wrong hands at the start so he can never achieve the amazing feats. It’s just a matter of time before people see through his BS and his nonsense. In my mind, that’s why Tesla had to have his throat cut so he could not expose the truth about his father and the Illuminati. (4) Tesla had the Illuminati and the German Secret Service on his side. I believe all major inventions were made with the help of the Illuminati and German government. (a) Yes, Tesla was one of the most successful inventors in history. (2) Edison was not a great inventor per se by any means, but the invention he designed (with his two friends) was a great start to what was to come. (a) Edison’s inventions were so brilliant that he is the inventor of our modern day electricity and he was able to do so without ever needing to invent anything. (1) The Illuminati do not invent things (just as Hitler did not build anything). (2) There is nothing wrong with
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