What would happen if energy was free?

There was no law or lawfulness to the energy exchange. If someone was to give me some energy, I would use it and I would be able to use some energy again as long as I didn’t use it on anyone else. So I was able to keep this energy supply in my house.

And how much stuff do you have in your home?

The first thing I did was put in a solar panel. Since I don’t need a lot of electricity, I can power everything with solar energy. When the sun is shining, I put a lightbulb in my office.

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Who are the top 10 most successful guys in science?

I don’t think I’m even worthy of the top 10 guys in science. I’m not an inventor, and I’m not a brilliant scientist. What I’m capable of is showing people ways to increase their performance. This is about people who do what they love, to get good jobs that enable them to share their passion without worrying about money. And I can do that by being transparent about my abilities, by being a good role model for my daughters, by being a good husband.

Do you think there’s some sort of conspiracy of the male in science?

I don’t know that there’s a conspiracy by male scientists. I do think a woman could be a top scientist in science, though, because when one guy says something, everyone listens to him and then everyone says something about it. Also, maybe there’s a conspiracy of the male in science and the majority are just not interested in what I’m saying. Because I’m talking about how to work with and share energy.

What advice do you have to the women in science?

Don’t be afraid to tell people what you want to do. For example, one day, my daughters said, “Daddy, you’re a super scientist,” and I said, “Yeah. But would you like a job at NASA? Are you going to be an astronaut?” So they said they wanted to go to school, and then I started telling them stories, because if you’re not ready for anything, then your future is pretty uncertain. I said, “Yes, of course, they’ll want to go to college. But it’ll cost $100,000.”

Do you ever wonder why it’s only women who think their job isn’t getting in the way of a man’s?

Women know they’ll be valued by their colleagues if they can work