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You just can’t stop it. Or if energy is not free, and you just pay for what you use, you don’t need anything.”

If this is true, then I just need to figure out how to sell my services, in which case I’d use that money to hire a few hundred more people.

I have always been very careful with my money. No other country’s government has a clue how to spend its money well, and for some strange reason the Europeans just aren’t. It’s not that they don’t care about the people that produce their own goods and services – we have some interesting ideas about how to do that, we just prefer the free market. It’s that the European Union is so poorly run by the elite that there are just too many vested interests and too little common sense.

When the bankers were bailed out, I didn’t get involved in politics. I had no faith at all in their system; it had brought so many terrible things upon the rest of their societies.

That’s when I decided I’d been tricked. There were no more lies, it wasn’t even that there were more lies. What was there were people like them – people like me. We don’t have to vote for them.

In 2006, I went to Greece, and when people were celebrating their victory in the Euro they sang, “The Greeks are back, and they’re not giving in!” When they were finally allowed to vote on new rules, I realised everything they said about them was a lie.

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For the first time in my life, I woke to things I didn’t like. The country was so full of fraud and corruption. Everyone was greedy and dishonest, everyone wanted to buy power, and there had been too much spending through taxation that wasn’t being used – the entire economy was based on borrowing and speculation.

Then there was the corruption. All the bankers made millions of dollars on loans to the oligarchs, who were secretly using them to launder money and gamble away everything they could. Then the government said, “No, we have to print money. That will be a way to pay for all these debts. We haven’t even got the money to pay the bankers’ salaries”. Then they printed 50 billion notes worth 1 billion Euros per day, and then tried to spend the money on everything everyone wanted – roads, schools, universities, hospitals, hospitals – and didn’t buy anything, they just spent it all on buying votes and destroying people’s

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