What was the IQ of Tesla? – Gibbs Free Energy Change Equation

(If you had a calculator, can you tell me your number?)

Tesla’s IQ was estimated to be 115.

The same study reported IQ scores for 2,000 other people. The results were the same: 115 IQ points.

(For this reason, I’m inclined to believe that IQ is an underestimate, and indeed a bit of a lie. The “normal” range is in the 95 to 110 range.)

Why do people think I’m a genius?

(Some say I’m a mad scientist; some say I’m just a brilliant mathematician. Why do you think some people think these things?)

My IQ has been calculated to range between 110 and 135, but I’ve not claimed to be anything above that.

If you had a calculator, could you tell me your number?

(This is related. IQ has been calculated to range between 110 and 135.)

I think the real issue is that people have been taught to think that a higher IQ is an indication of greater intellectual ability. But, in reality, people with a high IQ have much less learning problems.

How was my IQ tested?

By being asked how much they would pay for a ticket to the Moon.

Is there anything wrong with a test?

IQ is an IQ test. The point here is just not to measure intelligence.

IQ is in no sense a scientific test.

Are you a genius?

Yes, I’ve been dubbed a genius twice. The first time, I claimed that I’d invented a mathematical technique called a non- Euclidean group. Turns out that I’m an expert on Euclidean geometry. (Euclidean geometry is one the great unsolved problems in modern math.) My second claim has been that it took me 15 minutes to explain (or “demonstrate”) how the non-Euclidean groups work. After seeing this video, I can honestly say that this is true.

In spite of such claims, people still give me credit (as if it were not already obvious) for inventing something called the Law of One.

Did you invent non-Euclidean groups?

I don’t believe so. The first time I’ve ever claimed to have invented something was when I first came up with a new math technique called the Fibonacci series. For some reason, people thought I had invented this one. But in fact, I invented that

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