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What would happen if we added a few atoms of hydrogen and oxygen together? Well, it turns out that they don’t even make a good match because they don’t have the same atomic numbers,” says Hahn. “In the end, the hydrogen and oxygen atoms are just too far apart. One of them is actually way smaller than the other.

One interesting property that these atoms have that the other ones don’t is that they can absorb one another. That means that, when you pour something like hydrogen and oxygen together, the water moves out of the way and absorbs the hydrogen. It doesn’t react. As long as the water stays together, it doesn’t do anything to move out,” says Hahn.

If you were a big NFL fan during the 1970s and 1980s, then you’re in good company. On a typical Saturday in 1971, the San Francisco 49ers held their rookie symposium—a sort of annual pre-draft meeting between GM Bobby Marlow and a select number of rookie players. In between meetings, the players and coaches would take part in games and workouts, attend scouting meetings, and go to parties with other rookies. And if you were a kid in the 1970s, you probably also attended some of those same rookie symposiums at your neighborhood junior high school. If you grew up in the ’70s and ’80s then, you’ve probably seen the film The Great Debaters. In that film, as well as many others, we see two teenagers from different ages and backgrounds exchanging insults in the back of a school bus at a junior high school dance. In the film, the two teenagers engage in a battle of wits over who can say the funniest thing, with the victor getting to go to prom with her favorite crush.
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If you’ve watched The Great Debaters at your neighborhood junior high school, or on your local sports movie theater, or at your grandparents’ house, you’ve seen it repeated a million times in that same spot before. It’s a classic sitcom, and one that’s probably played on repeat through the years. But if not for the movie The Great Debaters, this scene would probably not exist. That scene is all about the way two young teenagers from different backgrounds come together in one small town in rural Wisconsin to have some fun, laugh, argue, and—yes—spar with the class clown. The scene in the movie may be a bit cheesy (see “Spar, Spar,” below), but that’s where

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