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This term has no clear definition in the English language. It sounds very fancy and technical, but it should not be conflated with electrical energy. If the water is put into a machine, it will generate electrical energy, but it won’t produce water, or generate any other energy. Water energy is a real and not a technical term. The term “water energy” is used for this purpose, to refer to the energy created in a process. Water energy is called the difference between the actual water content in the liquid-water solution and the water equivalent of the water of the solution. Water energy is an energy quantity and is denoted by the symbol hW. When H is large, water energy is very small. H can be defined as the difference between the amount of matter on the surface of the water and its capacity to hold this matter. Thus, H can actually be thought of as the area under the curve of hW.

A new poll commissioned by Greenpeace shows that even in its current form, Donald Trump still fares pretty poorly with young people. Forty percent of people ages 18 to 34 view Trump unfavorably to only 36 percent who view him favorably.

The poll, conducted by Opinion Research Corp. on Wednesday by phone, saw a huge gender gap in views of the GOP nominee, with women preferring him by double digit margins to Republicans like Jeb Bush (18 points) and others (27 points). But it also showed the Trump bump was blunted with younger people. In the poll of 2,000 young voters, 57 percent view Trump unfavorably to just 34 percent who approve of the job he’s doing, The Independent reported.

Another poll released earlier this week by Public Policy Polling found Trump’s popularity among millennials has declined with the 2016 election. In an early June poll by PPP’s millennial arm, only 11 percent of 18 to 34-year-old voters said they considered him a likely nominee in 2016, down eight points from their last PPP poll in July 2013. PPP reported a drop from 49 percent approval among young voters to just 38 percent in June.

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While Trump is struggling with young people, there’s one group he’s doing better in than even many Republicans: Republicans 18 to 29. Trump leads Clinton among likely voters 18 to 35, and has also seen gains among those under 30 when compared with the same age group in the last PPP poll.

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