What is free energy with magnet? – Nikola Tesla Free Energy Antenna Circuit Diagram

It is only free energy when the charge is zero. If you want to have it, you must have it at zero, and you cannot have it at zero without a magnet. When you move the pole, you get the effect of the magnetic field.

What is the charge of the magnet?

The magnet charge is actually the square of the radius.

What is the magnetic field?

The magnetic field is the difference between the charge and the field.

How does the magnet do what?

The magnet can attract a beam of electrons to itself to form its effect, which it stores in a charge that is an approximation of the magnetic field. This magnetic field is called the magnet’s induced field.

Why are the magnet’s field and charge both zero?

In a perfect magnetic field, the charge and field are completely equal. However, if you let one field pass through the other, you get an electric current coming from one pole to the other. When this current goes through your body, your body absorbs the current, as long as your body is not directly above the source.

Why do I have negative charges on my body?

By placing a magnet near yourself, the magnetic field has an equalizing effect. This leads to some electric currents. You must learn how to control these currents, but generally, negative charges are bad.

Why would negative charges appear on my body.

It is easy to explain: When the magnetic field is so weak that negative charges are always present, the body can not absorb the current unless someone forces it through a hole in the body, or a large surface area of the area surrounded by a positive field. So the current in the body is always a little bit negative, just like in the magnetic field.

The positive and negative charge that is created when you move a magnet toward or away from you, is what has attracted to both pieces of metal together. If you move the magnet a certain distance back and forth, the magnets do not get much closer, and the magnets get much farther apart.

Why do I notice a negative side effect from a magnet?

The negative charges may cause something harmful if they are on a small portion of the body, such as skin, nerves, or muscles.

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