What is free energy device with magnet? – Nikola Tesla Free Energy Technology Repressed Memory Meaning

Free-energy device is the name of electromagnetic waves generated by magnet. These waves can be used for an array of purposes, including but not limited to:

Rechargeable batteries

Electronic control

Generation of power

Electromagnetic waves can be generated by magnet and in the case of a magnetized material, these are produced by magnetized atoms. For example, molecules generated by a magnetic field have magnetic dipole moments, which is equivalent to the energy in a magnet, which is used for the generation of current.

For this purpose, magnetized atoms are called magnetic nuclei and can be made to possess the magnetic dipole moment. In order to generate the magnetic dipole moment, particles like electrons and protons are first generated by magnetic fields and then placed in magnetic nuclei, which are magnetically charged nuclei with positive or negative magnetic poles; these protons can be used for electrons that are used for generating electric current.

Now we will see how magnets can generate and be used for generating electricity and heating/cooling.

Rechargeable batteries

Magnetic atoms are used to form the components of rechargeable batteries (or batteries). However, it is possible to store charged electrical energy in the form of magnetic particles (like electrons) and this can be done by making magnetic nuclei in magnetic nuclei. For example, if we think about a glass of water, this water can form nuclei like lithium, sodium, potassium, and boron, which are electrically neutral particles in the water. These neutrals are used to generate magnetic dipole moments, which are equivalent to the energy in a magnetic field, which are generated by the nuclei.

There are three kinds of magnetic nuclei:

A metal nucleus

An amorphous nucleus

A plastic nuclei

Each of these types of magnetic particles has different energy levels, depending on whether the nucleus has a positive or negative magnetic pole. When the magnetic dipole moment of the nuclei is created, the magnetic field can take hold between the magnetic pole and the dipole moments of nearby nuclei. A single nuclei can generate multiple magnetic dipole moments. Thus, we can generate magnetic energy with a magnetic field.

There are several ways to use magnetic energy to make an electrical device. The most widespread magnetic energy generation comes from the use of an electrode attached to a magnet. Electrodes are devices with a long conductor, which, when the

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