What is free energy device with magnet? – Advantages Of Free Energy Generator

A magnet has no magnets — it’s just an electrical conductor. You use magnets for magnetic field generation, as well as power storage.

You’re not allowed to use these as devices with magnet

A Magnetic field generator is prohibited!

What is a magnet with coil?

Another type of device (called a coil) is also prohibited. A coil is a permanent magnet which has a coil coil.

You’re not permitted to use them as devices with magnet.

What is a magnet with magnetic conductor?

A magnetic conductor is a magnetic field generator or magnet with metallic wire, which are usually used for power storage in mobile phones.

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The magnetic wire must be made of metals like gold, silver, copper. (In most cases, a magnet is not permitted to be connected to a wire. A good illustration is a power source like a battery.)

All that’s permitted to use the magnetic wire is the maximum wattage of the magnetic wire. For example, a 100 Watts of magnetic wire is permitted by the FCC for a 50 Ah battery!

Please note: If you are importing a product, please make sure it’s not prohibited to use the magnetic wire as the device material.

Can I use a Magnet with Coil?

A magnetic coil is not permitted to be used as a permanent magnet. However, the magnetic field (or magnetic flux) produced by the magnetic coil will be present as a magnet of a coil.

Can I use a magnet with magnetic conductor as power source?

You can only use a magnet with magnetic conductor as a magnetic power source.

Are magnets with coil or magnetic conductor permissible?

A magnet with magnetic conductor, as an alternative power source, is prohibited, and must be imported according to regulations. The main thing is the power output is limited.

Will we notice a difference if one types magnet with coil, and another type of magnet with the coil?

Both the magnet with coil and the one with the coil produce a very powerful magnetic flux.

Please keep in mind that the magnet with coil is a permanent magnet, and can be used for anything. The magnet without the coil is just used as a device of magnet.

For example, a portable device with a magnet with coil is prohibited. Also, if you use the magnet with the coil to charge your portable charger, you must import the device with a cord.

What if I want to use a special

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