What is free energy device? – Importance Of Free Energy In Living System

An energy device is a device which produces energy by conversion of electromagnetic energy into mechanical energy and to electrical energy. Free energy devices are generally referred to as photovoltaic energy sources when compared to traditional energy sources like nuclear power or hydroelectric power… Free View in iTunes

24 Clean How do we get more solar energy? How do we get more solar energy? It makes sense to make money by selling electricity to the grid. What about when we aren’t selling electricity to the grid? Some states and countries are trying to use solar electricity for transportation of goods… Free View in iTunes

25 Clean How can a carbon tax be efficient? A carbon tax is an alternative way of reducing carbon emissions. It requires those who emit to pay for their carbon emissions. So, how can a carbon tax be efficient? There are a few different ways and we will start with an example. A typical residential carbon… Free View in iTunes

26 Clean Why is our climate “warming up” in the last few years? Why is our climate “warming up” in the last few years? Is there some problem with our climate? Is there something wrong with the chemistry of the Earth? Many scientists are in disagreement about how the planet will respond… Free View in iTunes

27 Clean Why are humans killing off species? We humans are killing off species right now. Species are dying and species disappear at an alarming rate from the world. This may seem like a small thing, but it has big implications. For example, if you lose a species, you don’t have a… Free View in iTunes

Turn your raw data into a machine learning model without Python or ...
28 Clean How do you make electricity from nothing? How do you make power from nothing? Electricity is made from electricity and there are many different ways of making electricity. In this episode we’ll look at a few ways of making electricity, one being an electric generator. How do you make electricity from nothing?.. Free View in iTunes

29 Clean What impact will the upcoming “Paris Agreement” have on the world? How will the coming “Paris Agreement” be used? What is the Paris Agreement? In 2016, countries will be working to create a new international climate policy based on the premise that we must do something on… Free View in iTunes

30 Clean Do we have enough water or food today? How many people can we sustain on Earth? What is the number of people that can sustain on Earth? How many people can we sustain if you’re just to feed the world each day? This is a big question. In this

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