What is free energy concept?

There are many terms used to talk about how the universe is made up of energy, such as ‘grazing energy’ or ‘dark energy’.

But, what is it exactly? That is what we will explore now.

‘Grazing energy’ and ‘dark energy’ are not physical words; they are concepts developed from general relativity.

According to general relativity, the universe and everything in the universe is made of a particular form of energy — known as E_1 and E_2. The energy is not a property of the universe itself, but one that is generated by the laws of nature.

E_1 and E_2 is one example of the theory of energy as it is known in physics. If you ask the first question of the equation — ‘E=(g^2/2π, 2.4e-9)^2’, the correct answer is the squared number of E_1 and E_2, not a simple multiplication of the terms.

The term ‘dark energy’ is the concept of the energy that surrounds and makes up the universe.

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There are various theories as to what the terms ‘Dark Energy’ and ‘Grazing Energy’ actually mean. Some scientists define ‘Grazing Energy’ as anything which is produced in the universe at the same time as the speed of light, i.e. the universe will become hotter, so there will appear to be more energy; while ‘Dark Energy’ would describe what we have seen in the universe so far, namely nothing or nothing at all — thus it would be described as ‘less than zero’.

But ‘Grazing Energy’ and ‘Dark Energy’ seem to refer to the entire universe. Let us look at what they mean by doing a simple experiment.

A little example. Say a spaceship is going at 8 mph while traveling through a dark tunnel and its mass is 2kg, so each kg of mass represents energy in the form of ‘E_1’.

Let us suppose we travel at 12.5 mph, so every kg of mass represents a second of E_1. If we then travel at 1 m/s, it is easy to see that if the ship is going at the speed of light, then we travel at ‘1 second’ per kg of mass — which means that each second we add to our energy is a second of Grazing Energy — or G_1.

If we now travel at 11