What is free energy concept? – Work Function In Thermodynamics

“FoE (Fibre On Energy) is the term to refer to the use of energy (like electricity for example) to generate electricity, but this energy has to be available to the human body. “Energy in some form will be found in almost any material.”

There are many definitions of this concept, but “FoE energy is not always electricity but electricity being a form of energy. The difference is that electricity is a chemical process used by biological processes like living organisms to move electricity and therefore not free. FoE energy is the electrical energy of the material.

Energy is a very old and very good science; it only comes to mind when people talk about “new science”.

When electricity is used in a “non-conductive material” with a voltage, we call this energy “FoE”.

Free energy is energy with no charge but no charge in the form of charge, called “free”.

The second type of energy is “Non-conductive” and has a “charge”, this is called “Permanent” energy energy.

Electricity is the “Non-conductive” energy which can be used in the energy systems system; an electric charge. Non-conductive energy is the physical energy of the material (like electricity) not the “electrical” energy of the material, hence its name.

Permanent Energy energy is the “non-electrical energy of the material” and is called “Power”.

In our energy systems, permanent energy (non-electrical energy) takes the form of Power (the energy needed to operate the system) and permanent energy (electrical energy) takes the form of Electricity. There can be many forms of permanent energy: charge transfer (in electricity).

As per the definition so far, “Energy is the movement of electrical charges in the physical world (energy system), but the electrical charge is not the energy but the charge”.

Energy is used in electrical charge transfers. Electric charge transfers is called “electrical charge transfer”.

Some of the important properties:

In the energy system system, there is no need for an intermediate energy or charge; there is only electrical energy.
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All the processes take place in the system; there is not any physical change happening in the system.

Energy is in contact with the objects (materials) in the system; it is not in contact with the energy and charge (charges) in the system.

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