What is free energy concept? – Tesla Free Energy Generator Diagram

Free energy is a concept that is also known as ‘free energy’, the free energy that is produced by the process of recombining electrons and protons.

Free energy is one of those rare things that is so exciting that it seems impossible to understand all the ways it affects life on Earth. It is also the only free energy that is freely available on the Earth’s surface.

Why should we care about its existence?

As a matter of fact, free energy is one of the most critical and fundamental problems in our understanding of the cosmos.

It’s easy to come up with a bunch of assumptions about the basic nature of things like the universe and about the distribution of electrons, protons, neutrons, ions and some other important energy particles. But how do we know that? Can we actually see if any of what we’ve been believing in is true?

Some people believe the universe revolves around a constant and accelerating speed of approximately one degree every 299.8 days, or that all of the energy in the universe is in the form of neutrinos. Others believe that the sun is continuously growing, in some direction, in size as it ages, even though the sun is not.

There’s no point in getting into the quagmire of this kind of thinking just yet. Let’s focus on an even more fundamental problem in our understanding of the universe: the fundamental question of ‘how should we know whether we’re being visited by intelligent life?’

In this special series on ‘Cosmic Awareness’ we will explore the history of free energy, free particles, and the nature of free energy, all in an attempt to explain what we might call the ‘big picture’. You can subscribe to the series here.

What is free energy?

According to Albert Einstein, the key to the discovery of free energy may lie in the fact that matter and light are two different things. Light acts like a medium (electromagnetic wave) that is composed of particles that can collide to create a wave of energy (electrostatic force) called light. Matter acts like a medium (dynamical wave) that is composed of particles whose motion can neither be measured nor observed.

One way that light can interact with matter is via electromagnetic radiation. In Einstein’s words: “The radiation of light can be explained in terms of the equivalence of two kinds of objects: that of a medium and that of matter, since light and matter do not interact with each other

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