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Free energy concept is a way of harnessing various sources of renewable energy such as wind, solar, biofuels like green-sugarcane and water resources in rivers, oceans and mountains to generate electricity or clean energy. The idea is that these sources of energy would flow through the grid to generate power and provide a clean energy source to the population, as well as to other areas that are connected to the national grid. In the long run, the economy and society would benefit from the use of free energy sources, as the economy and society wouldn’t get stuck in the dark ages because the current generation of the grid doesn’t have any reliable means of generating electricity.

What is the use of the free energy concept?

To generate electricity, the source of the energy (wind, solar, biofuels like green-sugarcane and water resources in rivers, oceans or mountains) must be connected to the grid. If the grid does not have a reliable means of generating electricity, the free energy concept would be a way to reduce the strain on the current generation of grid.
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Why should we be doing the development of power?

The generation of power is necessary during the day, and a way to increase people’s life expectancy. For the development of free energy source, the technology of renewable forms of energy needs to be developed through scientific research and technological development. Research of the technology has a priority, but this technology to be used for developing free energy source and generating power by itself, without having any dependence on the traditional sources of power such as coal. The purpose of this paper is to describe the advantages of the free energy concept and its practical applications in developing countries.

How can the free energy concept be used in developing countries?

The free energy concept is applicable to developing countries because the technology to produce free energy needs a good solution. The free energy concept in developing countries can be applied to different energy sources such as wind, solar and biofuels in different ways. In a traditional method, free electricity generation would be based on the development of various power plants connected via long lines of power cables. There would be a need to maintain these power plants to ensure stable supply of power. If the power supply was disrupted, the country would face dire consequences. There are several problems in the modern era, which leads to disruptions of supply of power. When there is a big disruption of supply of power, the country faces dire consequences. This is one of the reasons to develop a technology

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