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(1) A gas, usually an alcohol (usually ethyl acetate) having a boiling point between 1010°C and 1015°C that is less than 20 percent alcohol by volume. (2) A small gas or gas component consisting of a large component of a gas with a similar temperature and pressure. Gas components generally have specific capacities that are given by the specific heat capacity of their gas constituents; in other words, their heat capacity.

Diesel exhaust emissions come from the following:

Carbon monoxide (CO)

Voltaic emissions

Harmful particulate emissions from wood

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S)

Huge thanks to our friends at the Washington Free Beacon for having the guts to publish this story yesterday:

At around midday EDT Wednesday, four bombs exploded in a soccer stadium in the Turkish capital city of Ankara, killing at least 43 people and wounding at least 120 others — both civilians and soldiers. But many of the injured — including many children — are expected to get much worse. According to the Turkish Red Crescent, some 200 people remain hospitalized.

The Daily Beast notes that some of those injured are on life support.

The bombing at a soccer stadium in Taksim Square in Ankara, Turkey, is believed to have been the deadliest attack in Turkey since early 2015. It comes in a year in which thousands have died following a bombing at a Kurdish peace rally in the northern city of Suruc — a day after a failed military coup.

The Daily Beast notes that the bombing appears to be “a retaliatory terrorist action” after the Syrian and Russian governments announced a joint bombing campaign in Syria against anti-government militants, and a month after Russia accused Turkey of “sending terrorists and supplies to terrorists at the border” along the Turkish border.
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