What is Delta G in chemistry? – Free Energy Definition Thermodynamics Meaning

Delta G is an antimicrobial agent. Its chemical symbol, G, stands for gamma, meaning “strength”. Delta G is not the same as antibiotics or antimicrobials in that they kill the bacteria that cause infections; they kill the bacteria that cause diseases.

The reason they want to get drugs into people is that drugs kill the virus that causes the infection. If drugs, like penicillin, didn’t kill the virus, then there wouldn’t be an infection.

Because antibiotics use so many drugs, these drugs end up doing a lot of damage to the body. When drug companies sell these drugs, they make a lot of money. Sometimes they can sell millions of dollars in that company’s profits. They will also donate a significant portion of that money for “research” to fund drugs to treat illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and arthritis. Even though they are killing lots of bacteria in the body, these drugs can be used on their own if you want to fight the infection.

If you are going to use a drug, think of an antibiotic as an extra weapon to fight the infection. You are not treating the infection by using it and you are not treating the disease by using it.

Why aren’t anti-malarial pills or shots approved by the FDA?

The reason most anti-malarial drugs aren’t regulated by the FDA, but instead go through a private clinical trial, is that they are not safe enough. The only drugs safe enough to make the FDA consider them unsafe are ones that the CDC, the National Institutes of Health, have approved as “first-line” therapy (first-line means, the drug or drug combination first comes into the bloodstream, is the only one that kills the infection).
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The most important reason to get these drugs into people is because they are the ones they want to kill. If it were up to the government, we would just get lots of drugs like this and no cures.

Can a company manufacture a malaria drug without FDA approval?

Yes. You can manufacture any pharmaceutical you want. There may be a few things you need to get approval from the FDA. One is safety. You usually need FDA approval when testing new drugs. You must put together and test a cocktail of all the drugs to make sure you are safe with them. Your testing team may include medical scientists on both sides to make sure that the medicine works properly.

The other thing you need approval for is a drug for rare diseases

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