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We will define and demonstrate a free energy device if it has no moving parts or is of a permanent shape. It is not suitable for simple work as the working time exceeds a thousandth of a second.

“FEDLAM [F-Secure] is the first of its kind. Free energy devices will be available in the future, and we have now tested a number of these devices. The main drawback of previous devices is that we do not know how long and how hard the device operates, so for a free energy device we want to know how fast it runs. A free energy device will also be less expensive than devices with moving parts. These devices are easy to understand for the beginner,” said Dr. Richard Osterholm, Head of F-Secure’s product integration department.

Using an F-Secure-based product is easy. F-Secure’s software provides easy instructions for making free energy devices. Users simply upload a specification and a design file to the F-Secure site for evaluation. Once it has been evaluated, F-Secure will determine the device that is the most suitable (free energy) or the worst (motor control). F-Secure will then recommend the best free energy device based on its analysis of the user’s design.

“The device will be tested over a period of about two weeks, during which it will be fed with lots of high-energy photons. It should run at least two hours per year on the basis of its performance,” said Dr. Osterholm.

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F-Secure already offers a product line of free energy devices. F-Secure’s free energy device line currently includes: TOUCHTOUCH™, Free Energy Xtreme™, Energia™, Electron™, Free Energy™, Free Energy™ Free Energy™, Electric Free Energy™, Free Energy™ Free Energy™, Free Energy™ Super Power™, Free Energy™ Super Power™, Free Energy™ Ultra™, Electric Free Energy™ Ultra™, Free Energy™ Ultra™, Electric Free Energy™ Ultra™, Free Energy™ Ultra™ Extreme and Magnetic Free Energy™.

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F-Secure is recognized around the world for its products that have secured a strong reputation for their ability to detect malicious hardware. The company’s products are based primarily on a technology developed and licensed by

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