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Simply put, a free energy device is any electric or kinetic energy source that does not require electricity to activate or produce power and does not require mechanical energy to operate. Free energy devices include any device that is powered by electrical energy (e.g. solar panels, wind turbines, battery storage, or batteries), as well as any other energy source that has no external energy input and can be completely turned off without affecting the operation or quality of the device.

When did technology start to develop the concept of free energy devices?
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The first known use of the term “free energy device” dates back to 1839 by Dr Martin Buber who was a physicist from Sweden. His term describes any device that produces energy from no electricity, no mechanical energy input, and produces the energy without using the mechanical, electrical or nuclear energy.

In the early 1900s, another researcher was also able to describe “free energy device”. He described a machine that can move itself by mechanical energy that is provided by a source. In this way, he claimed that any machine or device that can create energy can also be used to create power from “free energy”. As the name suggests, there was no need for external energy input, and the machine moved around without requiring external energy input.

In the early twentieth century, scientists tried to identify all free energy devices. In 1920, an experiment was carried out in France, where it was found that an electromagnetic field can move a magnetic needle that moves with an electric current. In this way, magnetism could be used as a direct source of free energy instead of energy from an external power source.

In the late 1950s, in the USSR, the concept of free energy was used to develop a magnetic levitation device. The magnetic levitation has two main advantages:

The magnetic needle is not moving while using the device.

Free energy is produced when the magnetism is used because no mechanical input is required.

However, these two inventions did not make use of free energy since the two components that form a free energy system have to be integrated.

Are there any practical free energy devices available today?

There are many different types of free energy devices from a simple magnetometer to superconductors that combine different elements to produce electricity. As the name suggests, these devices use no external energy input and provide their energy directly from free energy.

In the 1990s, the first commercial free energy device developed was a commercial magnetometer, which

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