What does Delta H RXN mean?

Delta H is a slang expression for a high power cell, it’s the same as “high power mode”.
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What does Delta H power do?

Delta H power is very high power. This means that there is a lot of energy in the cell, and this is what actually gets used for power. The highest power possible can be done when Delta H is 0, for example.

The reason for using Delta H is to boost the energy, or increase the current draw on the cell. So just doing the math again for us, say we want to increase the current draw by 60%. The next problem is that delta H will only increase the current draw by 30%, which is too much, so this is where the power level comes in. The best way to understand power vs. draw can be seen by using our previous table for our 60% or 3-cell scenario.

Delta H will not increase the current draw by 30% while we have a Delta T.

What does Delta H give us?

Delta H power is the maximum amount of power we can draw from the cell while keeping it below a Delta T. Now since we want to achieve the maximum power, we need to make sure we don’t over power. There are a few tricks you can do to achieve this. The easiest and most common way we can achieve this is to use high power capacity.

High capacity means that we can draw more energy when Delta T is higher than 0.5, for a 4-cell Delta H, we will use a 2.5 A cell.

If in doubt (because you don’t know Delta T yet), just remember that “full power” means you are drawing a lot of current to drive the cells, this is what we have to be doing if we go over delta T.

How does Delta T work?

There is not a simple explanation of how Delta T works.

The way it works is like this; If delta T is under 0.5 at any given time, power is not used, and when that happens then current draw is limited by the power rating (2.6 V) of the component (the cell in this case). If Delta T rises above 1.0 at any point, either because the power is higher or the current is lower than 2.6 V, power is used until Delta T is lowered. This can happen a number of different things; for example if Delta T rises above 5 when the