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“The main sources of energy can be divided into:

Ventilation: The most important source of energy comes from the ventilation of the car for the first few seconds of running; in a real case, a car is in a parking lot for the same duration with no outside air.

Warming of air: The cooling of the car as well as the air flow to the air intake of the car.

Electricity: As well as the heat supply from the electric compressor, in an electric car, the electric power supply comes from the battery which means that the electricity produced has to be transported in a different form. The battery is the central engine; it produces electricity to meet the energy needs of the car and the power source is the vehicle. The power source is also the energy source of the drivetrain, which is the wheel drives.

Transmission: This is the only part of the vehicle which needs to be electrified. The transmission is the mechanical part which controls and drives the four wheels as well as the power unit which is the electric motor.

In simple terms: the amount of power from the electric motor is proportional to the velocity from the wheels and thus a car is able to maintain a constant speed, provided the speed is not much in the first place, for the same power output, while moving faster than 5km/h. A real world example would be a sports car, where the maximum speed is about 40km/h.

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In a car, the transmission is the mechanical part. It has to cope with the two different directions: when accelerating and braking. If the car travels at 5km/h, it has 4,000 to 5,000 watts which is quite a bit.

In terms of electricity, a car needs to deliver a constant amount of power to both the motor and the wheels of the car (as long as the speed is not very significant) to maintain a constant speed; so only 50% of the power needs to be delivered to the wheels. When the speed is important, the driver can also choose different drivetrain components to get maximum output, as long as the speed is at least 5km/h.

Let’s say, you are traveling at 10km/h and you have 100 watt hours (watt hours are a unit of power; watt = power). If you want to drive at 40km/h, the maximum power is 1,100 watts! The next step is a small switch that would change

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