Is unlimited energy possible?

As I’ve mentioned before, there are limitations to storing energy at present. The Sun is an object of energy, as are all stars. So, for instance, a laser can be used to heat up water, and it can be used to fire a rocket engine. But, you might wonder, what if there is a way to extend current laser technology to use nuclear energy? In fact there are! This is the idea behind the “Neutron Star.” In theory, we have the power to store power at the atomic level so that nuclear waste will not have to be dumped. We also know that the Sun emits neutrons which are able to emit energy, so we can use solar powered nuclear reactors to store the power. It’s a real problem of using these nuclear techniques, as there’s no nuclear energy left in the Universe, and not much more is needed to drive further into the future. The big reason this is a question is that we can store power in different ways. For instance, you can use a battery to store power, but it’s more expensive per pound to store this power with a nuclear reactor than with a solar system. Theoretically, in fact, storing any power in a hydrogen cell will give you the power of a nuclear reactor; but in practice, I have not found any hydrogen cell as good as an equivalent solar cell. The reason hydrogen is not good as a power storage medium is that we only use small amounts at a time: we need the entire hydrogen, but the power will only make up a tenth of the overall power. (This is one of the reasons to use nuclear power, as a more stable and permanent power source. Also note that if you’re using a nuclear reactor in a city, you are not using hydrogen: you are using a massive power source and a water distribution system for cooling.)

And so, for most of my work, I use the fusion power plant and solar system as the main stores of power. So while the Sun is still there, we can work off of it’s surplus heat. But then, if we were to develop a nuclear reactor capable of storing nuclear waste for use, we would need to get that power storage system to work. This is what we do with the B612 Foundation’s reactor, the Neutron Star.

Neutron Star: A nuclear powered reactor (image source: wikipedia)

The Neutron Star produces a burst of neutrons, which can be quickly used to cool the plasma.