Is unlimited energy possible?

As with a superlative, the answer is usually yes when it’s possible, in addition to no when it isn’t. And with unlimited energy comes unlimited possibilities. And the list, for now, is a bit long, but it is an open one:

One-way (or fast) travel

Superlative access to unlimited energy
Quantum Statistics 37 : Partition Function and Free Energy - YouTube

Towards superlative energy, we could go on forever with new energy sources, from liquid water to fusion to space mining, to name just a few. The “what” of energy — the energy that does the doing — will only become clear after energy prices go down and the cost of building the infrastructure necessary to store the new energy decreases to what it needs to be to sustain the current rate of growth of energy production. And once that changes, the cost of energy storage (and, yes, of even more energy, from all manner of energy sources) will drop to zero, if not below.

If there’s ever going to be more than the one planet that sustains the human race and the planet as a whole, then we have to start thinking about other options.

What if the population were to expand again to 10 billion in about 20 million years, for instance? Then energy would be a lot cheaper, and the problem would be solved, as it was with the one-way travel of Earth’s first humans. But even today most of humanity doesn’t know where to get their energy — and in most cases it is not readily available for free on a world with enough space for all of humanity. A few, of course, do have the knowledge and the means to make the investment in new energy. But these are not, and will never be, the majority. And we’re still stuck in an energy-hungry age.

And that’s not in the power of the world as a whole, or even in the power to make a change — unless we all, and not just the few who are aware of the power, start to act as one.

How to Get More Energy, More Faster?

There are many ways to get more energy for less effort — a simple technique known as “peaking” (and its equivalent, “peak oil”) is one such example. Peak oil is a natural phenomenon happening around the world due to the finite amount of oil that can be extracted from the earth’s oil reserves (currently in that order). Peak oil is a problem because all of the remaining oil has to