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What are the properties of magnets with the same strength and magnetization in the same direction? Are they in the same direction as we see them in the real world? And how do we define magnetism? Some of these questions are hard to answer but we do know one thing. Magnetic fields are real and they have a very obvious meaning: they are fields of magnetic force (as opposed to gravitational force). The field of gravity is a force because it is applied to things, the field of the Earth is a force because it is applied to us. The magnetic field is a force because it has a certain properties (see the diagram for the most obvious example). This is not a claim that the “magnetic field” is what it appears to be because it is no “field” in itself. We simply know that this is a field that is part of the fabric of the universe, it has a place in the fabric of the universe, it does have a name that we know and will always use, “the fields of nature” (that’s “magnetism” and not an obvious name for the field). Some of you may already be thinking, “What is the “magnetism” in “magnetic fields”? Can we see a tiny magnetic field?” Sure you can. We see a very tiny magnetic field if you look very close. That tiny field will act like a magnet (a magnetic force) or will generate a field with a certain direction. The fields of nature are called geomagnetic fields. They are made of the same types of particles as the solar wind, cosmic rays and radio waves. The geomagnetic field is everywhere and everywhere in the universe. It is just the magnetism of our universe (and the energy of the universe), and it is “bigger” than the magnetic field we often talk about. We know this simply because we can see it with our naked eyes: the Earth has a geomagnetic field (an “amplitude field”) and this “field is larger than the magnetic field”. We can feel the fields in our bodies as “force”. Some of you may already be asking, “Wait a second: if the fields we see in the sun and in the atmosphere (both of which are made of particles that are part of the same kind of “field” as the Earth’s geomagnetic field) are not “field” in the actual sense, then how can we describe them? The answer is simple: I’ll show you why you can.
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