Is it possible create energy?

The answer is yes. Energy is an element that cannot be created or destroyed. It is just there. It is there where we live. It might seem that this means that the energy of the universe is not infinite, but it is very high. Even after our death we can create new life. We don’t have to be born again, we can be born to a different life.

To have this understanding we need to understand how the human body functions. It is not like a machine which is just connected to computers. Our body is the brain. It is made of cells that are very intricate and composed out at the micro level in our tissues and organs. This makes them very complex. At a molecular level all the cells in our body are interconnected with another cell which will provide energy. All cells take up energy from the environment and use it through the process of metabolism. This means that in general the system works very efficiently.

And the most important thing about the human body is that we are connected to all other organisms on our planet through our own sweat. The body creates energy, this happens by heating a liquid, then this liquid is separated from a larger fluid and is placed on the sweat layer (which is just a thin membrane that surrounds the body). This causes a current of heat to be created in the surface of the skin and this is called sweat. This heat is given off continuously. This is what we call natural breathing.

From this point of view I must say it is clear that in the final analysis energy is the most important element of life. This is the idea of the ultimate end of all life. This is why I say that everything in nature has a positive energy.

From a philosophical point of view we can say that energy is the form of life. This form of life and the process of development of it has only been observed in mammals. We might say from a metaphysical point of view energy is the fundamental essence of everything. All forms of life are essentially energy. That means from a very material point of view it is impossible for us to destroy this. The way we perceive something or the way that we use it are the way it is. This means that to destroy energy we must have a completely different approach. We do not need an idea of an end or a creator. It is just possible to change the way energy is used and to create something new.

But how should we change energy now to create new life? The answer is in meditation. Meditation is the process