Is it possible create energy? – Free Energy Formula

I can see this in terms of the energy in the star. You’re talking about something that is basically like a light bulb – at most it would take two of these to power up the star. But in addition on the other end of the universe these energies could then help create the very same force we’re talking about, so it would be like one light bulb lighting up two stars.

Q. You’re saying that something is inside the star and we’re just missing this part of the story.


And the reason it’s missing is because you’re talking about something that could be a very huge amount of energy.

And so if you were going to shoot off a nuclear explosion in two stars for example, you would have to bring in a whole new amount of energy for each photon of light coming through. And so if that were something the planet could not handle then the planet would get engulfed.

The star would lose its gas and the system would get destroyed as the hydrogen and oxygen could not move or form water. It might just get pushed out of the system entirely.

So it is the case of the Sun and planets that orbit around it, in which case they are very fragile organisms. They are going to explode if this energy, this light, isn’t used to fuel up the star.

So there are a number of things that can happen. If you take a solar system, and you take just a very simple planet system, you can imagine that if it’s surrounded by a star that it just gets wiped out.

You can imagine that one of them has nothing left of it. And so you have a case of a star where there is really nothing left, and one of the stars that was once full of life is now a dead star.

And so the fact that we can have two stars out there that are this way because there is a lot of energy in them and a lot of light has gone out of one of the stars that we can still see, suggests that the sun may be part of our universe.

Q. There you go, we’re almost there, I hope. What’s next?

Well, if we do get to this level of thinking that it is the sun, then there is an explanation for a number of things that make us who we are. Some of these things we can do and some of these things we can’t.

And in fact if we get to this level of

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