Is it possible create energy?

How can we change the world without killing ourselves from the inside out?

I have created an infinite number of universes of my own, all with no limitations or walls. I believe you can even create a universe on the fourth dimension, with no matter of space, time or matter. That’s why we believe you could create the universe on a different form of matter, that would not have any limitations.

How could we create an infinite number of universes? How could it be possible? How do infinite universes become a reality?

As you probably know, the universe has an infinite size because it’s infinitely complex. You can only see one part of your life’s worth of this massive universe. When you look at the whole history of the universe, you can only see one part of it. But when you see the last 30 minutes of the life of one person it becomes a very huge portion of the entire history of the universe.

Do you know what would make an infinite number of universes come into existence?

You could get out a knife and make the universe a knife. You could cut it with a knife from one part of the universe to another part of it. You would be able to kill a part of the universe and then kill another part of it. And then again, you could move this knife to be cut into another part of the universe. But then you would stop after the first set of cuts. One knife made a blade of infinite size, and the universe grows infinite size.

There are infinite number of possible worlds. How are we going to get there? If our universe collapses, what will happen to the other universes?

We don’t know. But maybe there are universes with infinite density. Maybe some universes have infinite time. Maybe there are universes with infinite energy — perhaps, the way the universe was designed, there’s an infinite amount of energy, and one atom of it goes on forever. And that atom will be created again and again, creating a lifetime of consciousness and experience in the same direction. Then, you have a whole new energy, so it might be possible to create life in the Universe of Energy. In that case, life will have become the fourth energy.

This is an amazing journey of enlightenment!

It’s definitely an amazing journey. I am honored that you’ve come this far to discover it. However, I’m only one half of the man. I’m still here on Planet Earth. This journey is far from complete. I