Is it possible create energy?

How can one use the knowledge to save the world? And where do you get them from?

The answer to both questions is that they are directly connected with the answer to the first question.

In all of history, humanity has been using a lot of energy. We can draw energy from a lot of things. It makes sense then that we would learn about the science of using energy in order to understand how we can better use our energy.

But as it turns out, using a lot of energy comes with a downside. If we get too much energy into our bodies, then we might cause a lot of ill effects. We think of our body as a big ball with a lot in it that needs to be drained, but just because we want to put energy into our bodies by using a lot of energy and not letting it go to waste doesn’t mean it is OK to do so.

Energy goes into things all the time, just not at the same time, or at the wrong rate at which there is an impact:

A lot of energy goes into the food we eat. The energy the fruit or vegetable we eat provides to our bodies fuels our physical body processes. But the energy we need for our mental health and wellbeing is not supplied as well by the foods we eat.

We are exposed to many forms of pollutants (carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, etc.) in the air that don’t have any other purpose other than to affect and harm our bodies. These pollutants come from many different energy sources, from industries to vehicles to industry, all of which are involved in a lot of chemical reactions that we don’t understand. Our bodies might respond to these pollutants, and our bodies might react to the energy and chemical reactions they allow, by increasing their needs for energy, increasing the amount of waste they dispose of, or by limiting their use (e.g. the amount of food that we eat or the amount of energy we use).

And energy use happens at different times in different people. People may be using energy very effectively and not doing all that much damage to their bodies, but then some people are using it all the time and causing a lot of harm.
Two Level System, Partition Function, Free Energy, Heat Capacity ...

If you are being a bit selfish, it is natural to think you are doing your body no harm. But what if you are being mean to your planet? A lot of energy goes into building and maintaining roads and bridges, but if those are damaged by the weather, our roads or bridges may not be