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Well, technically a lot of things can be achieved that the free energy of our stars in the form of electricity. But one thing I have to say is Tesla. He’s a genius. To me it is not possible to achieve the free energy of the universe because it cannot be done.

The free energy of the universe is not available anywhere. It can be used to light candles, to play the harpsichord or to charge a mobile phone. The energy needs to come from inside the solar system and the entire universe, which means we need to get it from the big bang.

The story of the creation of the universe from scratch has never sounded more like a fairy tale. But for Stephen Hawking and the Hawking-led team at the Swiss Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics, the tale is much more than a story.

It’s also a tale of science and faith.

The team’s “gravitational wave” signal took more than five-thousand years to arrive. It was revealed on March 16, 2013, on one of the two detectors at the LIGO Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO-L). And now it’s a scientific discovery.

“It is a truly historic moment for science,” said Professor Hawking, chairman of a committee that will determine the discovery on Tuesday after a press conference at the institute in northern Switzerland.

Scientists had long suspected gravitational waves, ripples in space-time caused by the merging of two black holes, were possible. And then, just weeks ago, an international research team announced that one of the black holes had indeed merged with another, creating gravitational waves that traveled for at least seven and a half milliseconds, more than twice longer than any other known signal.

LIGO-L is so sensitive that scientists have detected three separate gravitational waves this year from two different black holes — one spinning so fast that it emitted two black hole waves and one spinning so slow that it only produced one — the LIGO Livingston interferometer in Livingston, Louisiana. In 2012, LIGO detected the first detectable gravitational wave from the merger of two black holes — a “two-sigma discovery.” LIGO-L is already considered “the world’s premier laboratory used to study the nature and origin of massive black hole mergers.” The detector itself — called a twin beam — has been built by IBM.

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“We are ecstatic over the historic signal’s discovery, which fills

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