Is free energy possible Tesla? – Predictive Coding Tutorial

Why Tesla has a problem.


How do the same elements make an expensive and dangerous material.

A Tesla coil generates power, a lightening flux capacitor generates heat and a magnetic field attracts/repels an electric charge.

A typical, or standard, Tesla coil is a hollow copper box about 10″ by 15″ in diameter, and with an opening to allow the coil to be inserted in a conventional, conventional, or unusual hole.

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Typically, it is mounted on the side or roof of a house, or on a support pole on top of a house (or in a tunnel, etc).

I am thinking of wiring a “Tesla” unit to a house, but that would take a long time, and would be very difficult to maintain. Instead, that would be an ideal way to put a high-voltage, high power, high frequency circuit on a conventional or unconventional site.

In order to generate and “cool” a small magnetic field, it makes sense to use a highly concentrated electric field, called a Maxwell effect which has no negative side effects. The higher the voltage, the longer the voltage scale. The more current in a magnetic field, the lower the voltage scale. This results in higher power generation in a smaller area of time. For example, as you drive at an 80mph speed, the voltage scales.

Now imagine you’ve got a Tesla coil on the front yard of the house. With a couple of large overhead-mounted DC-DC converters, the coil produces 10-20 Mega-Volts in a few seconds. That is enough to light your household bulb (or two, etc) very bright for a couple of hours. No other source can do it, no matter how cheap – but you could.

And how would it work?

Say you’ve got an existing electrical transformer that runs off 20 or 30 amps. With the Tesla coils installed a few feet in front of it, you get a 120 Amp/240 Volts at 100,000 Hz. It’s a lot. You could power all your appliances in your house for years; and while they would be running, you could play with the “electrical sparkle” in the window by making and using a special high-voltage DC sparkler (or anything that produces an AC electrical spark) to fill your house with electric sparks as you

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