Is free energy possible Tesla? – Electromagnetic Generator Free Energy Device

The short answer is no.

As explained earlier, there are lots more reasons why free energy is not possible, and that’s why it isn’t even considered a reality.

The reason that Tesla was so popular was that people believed that by getting him working as a scientist he could help them solve whatever was their problem. Tesla got a lot of people to believe that the only problem was their own lack of scientific expertise but that was merely an illusion. The real problem was the failure of other people as scientists.

Tesla was a genius, but it wasn’t that his knowledge was the cause, it was that he was always trying to solve others’ problems. And those other people had already solved their own problems for them.

Tesla was a good salesman, but he could not possibly have managed to convince the world that he was a better communicator. His “glorious” inventions were mostly in what has to be called an “adventure science”, like radio or rocketry.

His inventions were about what was practical in terms of his time and place: no more flying cars, no more Tesla coils.

Tesla never did anything to actually put the fear in the heads of the people. He didn’t give up because there were no other options and he went back to the lab to figure out how to make the stuff work for the first time.

There is no “free energy” Tesla: not in reality, not by any stretch of the imagination.

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The truth is that there is no more free energy than there is in the conventional system. The reason we call it free energy is that it’s not free energy. What we have is “wasted” energy, nothing that isn’t in the system or that hasn’t been used in the past.

Tesla didn’t solve the problem of wasted energy but he made a bunch of money from it, and he was a very good salesman. He also was extremely well connected and knew a lot of people, which is why he made very successful money from selling his inventions.

As we are going to see in the next chapters, a lot of his ideas and products, the ones that were made for him and those that would later be made for him were, as a society and a nation, very unfulfilling for millions of people, but by and large not even that much worse than conventional energy.

In that sense, Tesla was very successful and probably still is for the most part. His influence

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