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If you believe that nuclear energy produces no pollution, it’s possible that a nuclear power plant could continue operating indefinitely. But it will lose its advantage in the future if it’s not replaced with solar or wind power and becomes a low-emission source like wind and solar.

Even if it’s possible to generate all the electricity in the future, most of mankind will still face the challenge of heating their homes and offices, not to mention transporting their fuel from their factory to their car.

Why are nuclear reactors so safe?

The safety of nuclear power plants has long been a matter of debate. A growing body of research shows that even during the worst days, the plants are safe and even less radioactive than originally thought. Some people think the plant will still operate more than 50 years into the future.

Some nuclear experts also say that even if a nuclear disaster occurs, the fallout could be spread throughout the surrounding area if the power plant is designed properly. However, the nuclear industry has not yet studied how people would react to the radiation exposure that would occur if the meltdown occurs.

Why is a nuclear energy plant needed?

The future of energy would likely be electric batteries or wind energy, not nuclear. If a nuclear reactor were to be shut down for any period of time, any fuel is lost — the power plants would be destroyed. Nuclear power plants are also more efficient than electricity generating stations.

How do we power the world for a billion people?

It turns out that nuclear reactions are fast and efficient — it’s easier to produce energy from the nuclear fuel than from wind turbines. There are now more than two million nuclear reactors operating worldwide, mainly in the Americas and in Europe. That’s why there are no renewable sources of energy for humanity.

So what’s the solution?

If we want better air quality, we need clean coal and solar sources, and we need low-carbon transport. But even with new technology it will be difficult for humans to get there, because energy is expensive.

To have a reasonable chance of achieving the greenest future without the worst effects on life on earth and for the sake of future generations, we need to reduce our demand for energy, and to do so by shifting towards green and more sustainable energy technologies.

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