Is free electricity possible? – Fan With Magnet 100 Free Energy Generator

What is a “power plant”?

Why is free electricity not needed?

What about wind and solar?

Why is free market economics important?

Why is free market capitalism important?

Why do you need all the things?

What causes poverty, hunger and homelessness?

Why isn’t the free market working?

Will free market capitalism work?

Why have people failed?

Why are there so many people at the top?

Who is doing all the work for free?


Who is to be blamed? (i.e. capitalists and the state)


Who has an interest in this?

Who is responsible for keeping the profits high?

Who determines profits? Who does the accounting?

Who determines the amount of profits/profits? Who is responsible for the profits?

Is this capitalism or socialism?

Why do we even need to have private ownership of property?

Why did the state come into existence?

Why do we need a government of all those?

Why is there an army of bureaucrats who control us?

Why don’t the bankers and corporations just hand down these free-market rules?

How can the free market solve our problems?

Why is capitalism a failure if it doesn’t work?

If the free market does not work: What is the alternative?

What are the alternatives?

What are the goals of society?

Why is the goal of society dependent on the goal of the free market?

Why can’t we just make things so much cheaper and better?

What are the alternatives?

Why do we need government?

Why are those who support the government in power so powerful?

Why do we need government?

How do we solve the problems of the wealthy?

Why do we need government?

Why do we need government?

Why isn’t the government doing much?

Why are those who support government in power so strong?

Why are those who support government in power so powerful?

Why doesn’t the free market work?

How important is a “free economy” to us?

Why is it important to us?

Will more government help us?

If there will be less government then does this mean we don’t need government?

What kind

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