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The idea of a free electricity economy does not mean that people are just going to sit on the fence on how they spend their money. They have made investments to be able to use their energy supply for whatever they need. There is no shortage of electricity in any country. The difference is that some countries have more available.

What is the cost of running a modern energy system in Australia?

Every Australian household can choose from a range of energy providers, from a big energy company that gives you a fixed cost for electricity, to a small company that gives you a price per kilowatt hour. The cost varies according to the utility and the time of year it is. Some people choose to buy energy from an online service, while others need to buy a unit of power at a retail outlet and then have the power installed.

Does electricity come without a price?

Yes it does not, electricity has a fixed price depending on the time of year it is used. The government is still looking at possible ways to allow consumers to choose from a range of energy suppliers as part of the carbon tax.

What does the future hold?

The government expects to announce the next steps towards a free energy economy soon. They are planning to announce a cost of carbon trading scheme by year’s end that will be in operation for the next four years. The carbon tax is supposed to start to be repealed from 1 July 2017 so any further cuts in cost of energy will begin before then.

Can we afford to live without a free electricity economy?

In the short term, yes, but not necessarily in the longer term.

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How the hell is this all going to work? Let me get this straight: The government is going to mandate a basic income guarantee for all Americans over age 55 and will then try to force anyone who gets a little too sick or a little too disabled to pay into an insurance payouts fund? This sounds utterly insane, but apparently it is going to work.

A recent study published by the University of Chicago found that only about 40% of Americans under 55 could make ends meet on the basic income guarantee. The authors noted that it is “too soon to tell” if the program would work as a panacea or actually hurt the economy by forcing Americans to work in a higher burden of debt.

Yet this study was published in 2017 and we still don’t have a

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