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In the real world, the answer is a resounding NO!!!

So why did he claim it was possible if not the case? The answer is that he and his followers do not understand the physics involved.

In his first book Energy Enhancement, Lucien Lott gave his readers a short primer on the physics of free energy:

” Free energy is the concept that all matter and energy has a potential existence. This capacity to exist cannot be measured because when an event occurs, energy is released to make a detectable pattern which has to be stored. However, when matter is destroyed, the released energy is transferred back into its form of mass and energy. In the energy movement, the matter is destroyed and the energy is transferred back to matter. Hence, free energy is the concept that the whole physical universe, which would not exist if there were no matter at all to interact with, is a matter flow.”

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The concept of free energy was brought into the mainstream in the 1970s when the late David Bowie (from the Rolling Stones) said:

“My energy is like an electrical current. You can tap it, you can feel how quick it goes through you and how long it’s going to be.”

Free energy can be measured.

In a sense, Lucien Lott is a big fan of the EMF – electromagnetic radiation emitted by electronics and other technological devices. EMF’s were first noticed in the 1970s. (1) EMF is now recognized as a main culprit in causing brain cell death, and it is linked to the increasing incidence of Alzheimer’s Disease (2) – and that’s the reason why Lucien Lott promoted EMF as the cause of all health problems.

So, it can be observed and measured on a global scale that a sudden exposure to an extreme EMF level can cause death within seconds, and brain cell death by the minute.

An electrical current in the human body can be detected as a low level of EMF. (1) In a large scale study about the health effects of EMF exposure and its effects on health in the USA, they found “There is no evidence for a correlation between EMF at ambient levels and health conditions in rural America.”

In other words, the effects of EMF on human health are completely “inconclusive” and the studies by other researchers (4,5) agree with Lucien.

Another study in Sweden found EMF exposure during

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