Is flywheel free energy possible? – Flywheel Free Energy Generator For Free Electricity Generator

When you make a long flywheel the torque becomes more stable in the center, in a direction which gives the torque as fast as possible in the outermost part (or in the middle). This phenomenon appears with free energy, in other words, if the free energy is conserved. By the time a free energy has been applied to the flywheel, the torque has been decreased by another 0.6 RPM. If the free energy is lost in one or more of the intermediate steps of the flywheel (such as the rotation in one side or the rotation in the other side), the torque of the flywheel becomes more stable in the outermost part, in the direction which gives the torque as fast as possible. As long as the flywheel rotates, the system of inertia of the flywheel will be preserved, but the outermost part of the flywheel is reduced to zero torque. The free energy is conserved, but the torque is reduced to zero. The result is a much more predictable torque. The free energy becomes smaller as well, and the flywheel’s ability disappears.

(By the way, when the flywheel is rotating slowly in the vertical direction, the inertia of the free energy is maintained, but the flywheel’s torque is reduced to zero, so there is no more loss of the free energy. In the vertical position, however, the energy is stored until the flywheel finally collapses, i.e. when it reaches its maximum speed. The flywheel still exerts a little force on the mass in the outer parts of the ring, and that too has a large effect on the torque of the flywheel. At the limit of its rotation, the free energy is zero, because at this position it would have been stored as free energy.

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What does this behavior mean? You can ask a variety of questions about how the torque in this case has to be maintained (such as why the speed of the ring should be increased), but as long as the free energy is conserved, the ring’s rotational inertia is preserved, and the rotational speed remains exactly the same. You need only to keep in mind that at the free energy level, the rotational inertia remains constant and can be decreased or increased.

If the free energy is less than zero, as at the bottom of the ring, the rotational speed increases, the rotation rate is shortened, the maximum possible speed is attained, but the total rotation force is only equal to the free energy’s potential, and

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