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It turns out that the free energy of ATP is very similar to the free energy of adenosine triphosphate. This is the same molecule that our bodies use to synthesize ATP. This free energy can be used to maintain a steady state of glucose in the blood. As the free energy in ATP is very similar to the free energy of adenosine triphosphate, the amount of ATP needed to maintain energy levels is similar as well. This means that the amount of energy required to maintain glucose metabolism may actually increase slightly as ATP is used. For this reason, our bodies tend to use more ATP while our hearts use less.

How does ATP function in the body?

There are certain proteins that are involved in the processing of ATP. These proteins are called glycogenolytic enzymes.

Glycolytic enzymes are enzymes that break down glycogen. Glycogen is stored in the liver and the brain. Once it is broken down by glycogenolysis, it helps keep glucose levels high in our blood. Glycolysis also helps us use ATP as energy (glycogen synthesis).

Protein Synthetase

It is responsible for getting carbohydrates into cells. It is also responsible for getting glucose into cells. PAS activates the enzyme pep8. In the cells of the body, these enzymes help break down proteins into amino acids which are then transported into our cells and used as energy.

Glucose Transporter

As we mentioned earlier, glucose transport into cells requires two things: ATP and glucose, which are provided by glia. These GlmTrans are proteins that are responsible for transporting glucose into cells. GlmTrans do this by opening a small groove in the cell membrane. It is then able to pump glucose into the cell. This glucose can then be used as energy or stored as glycogen.

ATP transport into cells via Glm trans

Glucose uptake into cells

Glucose can’t simply be absorbed by the cells. When we are in a feeding state, our body must send an ATP molecule into the cell to begin the process of glucose uptake into the cells. It can be believed that the glia also perform this task. GlcNAc can activate GlmTrans. GlcNAc can help bind the new glucose molecule and transport it into the cell. This means that glucose is transported into cells, much like it should be, but not all cells have the ability to

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