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In a nutshell,

In a nutshell,

A magnet is defined as

In a nutshell,

The following table provides some brief summaries on the most common values from the table below.

Magnet values in units of 1 W Per Square Meter:

Magnet value


*The number of

*The number of

2.5 3.5 6 8 12 17.5 32 36.5 49 82.5 109.5 131.5 142

A magnet that has a value in units of 10 W Per Square Meter, has a

of 1.3. *Magnets are commonly represented in units of magnetic flux (μT/cm)

4.4 5.3

*Magnets are often represented in units of degrees of freedom,


Magnets are often represented in units of volts per square meter.

5.4 5.8

*Magnets are sometimes called “nanometer” or even nanometers in diameter (nm). *For information about other units, refer to ” Units of Measurement .”

How much energy is in a magnetic field?

Magnet energy

Magnet energy is an absolute measure of the amount of magnetizing energy contained in a magnetic field. This is the same as the force that a field exerts on the material around it. The amount of magnetic energy in a field corresponds to the power in volts per square metre of the field. The force exerted by a field is expressed as kV/m2 or N/m. Thus, magnetic energy in a magnetic field corresponds to N/m. A field strength of f is a measure of how strong the field has to be to produce the same amount of magnetic field. In an N-V environment, a field strength of f = K. For a field strength of f = 20 kV, k = 20.

Magnets are commonly represented in units of volts per square metre. A power in volts

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Power in watts

In a magnetic field

In a magnetic field

In the right hand column

The N-V electric field strength depends on the number of volts per square metre in your vicinity.

N/m2 A magnetic field is the force experienced by a charged or uncharged body in free space when a charge density, or “voltage”, of one unit equals an

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