How do you get electricity from a potato? – Most Advanced Free Energy Magnetic Motors Magnet

A potato is a tiny plant which needs oxygen for its growth and therefore gives off carbon dioxide gas which the atmosphere can hold. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas which traps heat and causes temperatures to increase. As potatoes grow they add to their carbon dioxide content by photosynthesis . When they turn to sugar, which is the main nutrient they use, they change to sugar and carbon dioxide again. The combination of sugar and carbon dioxide increases the temperature of the soil by 1C or more.

If you are using electricity from a solar panel and there is a potato at the same time the pressure is too low to move the potato away from the sun. It sits in the sun’s rays, heating up its insides. This causes the potato to take in some solar heat (which is also a greenhouse gas). As this goes on more and more potato carbon dioxide gas bubbles rise to the surface and it radiates the heat. Eventually the carbon dioxide gas will stop rising and the potato dies.

That’s cool. So I want a plant. And what is green food?

There are loads of ways to prepare something like an apple, a pumpkin or a tomato but they cannot be fed to a cat to fuel it with energy.

I have a potato plant. Can I eat it or something.

Yes: you can eat it. We grow potatoes and onions in this country to feed horses. It tastes better than corn but not as good as grain. In fact it is the best meal you could ever eat: it is as healthy as a steak and you are not likely to be sick from eating it.

This plant is now a vegetable. But its nutrition hasn’t changed. It is a vegetable in the sense that it does not require the same nutrients as corn or grain. If it were to be grown it would need nitrogen fertilizer and would need to have its roots irrigated.

So now that I’ve got a piece of food made I want more. If we get lots of potatoes and onions in the country we might have to make more of them. We need some. The UK is still going through a potato famine where people aren’t getting enough.

How many do you have available.

A couple of hundred tonnes.

So what is the best way to make them.

The key is to grow your own potatoes. We have got over 50% aspink potatoes in our country and this is the best in taste and nutrition. We don’t even need

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