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Water is an essential ingredient of life that comes from the oceans, rivers and lakes all around the world with a much lower input than people realise. All this water is pumped out of the ocean, rivers, lakes and ponds to serve as the basis of modern civilisation. Water is, however, highly valuable in the modern world as it is essential for the flow of electricity and oil.

Our bodies are unable to digest food without water in the first place as there is no way to purify this essential element by chewing on animal bones and flesh, or even swallowing it as it is a completely water based substance.

Our bodies can, however, metabolize water. Without it we would struggle and die of thirst. That is why water is so important in the modern world as it is what keeps human life running.

How much water do fish and land animals use?

We already know that our body does not require the same amount of water as land animals and fish.

We know for example that fish have a great appetite during the feeding and breeding season.

If a person consumes 80ml (4oz) of oil with their dinner, they will lose an average of 6.8 ml (1oz) of water as the energy in this meal is a bit more than the intake.

On the contrary, the body will need 2.5 times as much water per day when an animal is fasting and fasting can cause a person to lose water to urine and diarrhea.

So, in essence, for a person who eats 80ml oil and 1oz of food a day it takes about 8.8 litres (3.1 quarts) of water a day to maintain the same level of nutrition as a vegetarian would require in the same period.

What do we use for water in homes?

In the modern world you can easily guess it is our water consumption on a daily basis. In fact, we currently consume about 100 litres of water for every person, which is about 3,000 bottles of water to each person.

The amount of water is also much higher with our buildings, cars, toilets and other water users.

We need the water to maintain the infrastructure and facilities that we need, such as the water pipes, electricity lines, sewage treatment plants, and more. To top it all, water needs our bodies for its own maintenance.

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So, it is safe to say that what we use in our homes is a lot higher than what

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