How do we get energy from water?

We cannot use heat from the sun. Although that could happen, which is true for some substances that are found in the Earth’s mantle. The heat would have to come from a source that is outside the Earth (but this source wouldn’t have to be in the ocean, because the Earth is not a solid body).

How do we get our sun’s energy from water?

There is a source of energy known as the sun’s electromagnetic spectrum. This spectrum is formed by radiation coming from two fundamental substances: the electromagnetic radiation from the sun and the solar wind. In principle, all matter needs a source of heat to support its own temperature. To get its heat energy we must first get it. This is accomplished by using the energy of the sun. But the sun also produces some other energy which it stores and uses for a while. What happens is that a tiny amount of energy is released and the sun will give about five watts of current for every watt of heat we create. So if we would burn all the oil in Africa, the resulting heat in Africa would be enough to make the Earth warmer than it is today. But our ability to store and release this energy can vary with our location. What is known is that the sun can give off a bit of energy which it can store for a while and use for a few days. In fact, our Sun can store up to one ton of energy. But we can only burn a little amount (or even nothing at all) so our location is critical.

How do we get energy from the water molecules which make up our Earth?

Water molecules can only give off heat if they are heated up substantially enough to make the water vibrate. So if you look at the Sun, you will see where the water is: the surface of our planet. This is why the temperature at the top of the Earth and other objects such as the Moon is much less than the absolute temperature of the air or water. The energy available during the initial heat of the Sun will create the necessary heat energy to make the water molecules vibrate. When our planet formed it was surrounded by water. From this water came all life. Water acts as a heat engine to give that energy which we want. The water molecules of our Earth are very different from those of other planets in our Solar System. But we could use this to our advantage. A way to store some of the energy we need for life is to add carbon to the Earth’s atmosphere. Carbon has the ability to