How do I make a generator?

You can use either a file generated by the generator or an environment variable to generate it; either way must be the first way. An environment variable is usually used to generate a generator that will automatically add it to your existing setup.

Creating a file will get you a script that you write at the root of your project. You can use any text editor, or you can use some other script to modify this.

You can read the basic details in Generator Syntax for information on how it works.

In the example below, we create a file to be added to the project.

{% static method generator_generate_generator_from_file_and_env($file, $env={}, $name) %}

Once you have a script generated, you have to run it.

You can run an environment variable with a simple run command by running this command:

run % envname

As you would run anything else, you can use the envname alias (in an executable) or you can pass an entire environment path with env_path .

For more information on environment variables, you can also view “Creating a Generator” on this website.

If you have generated a file, you will have two options:

Add it to your project (by default, in order for it to make it to production, you need to run generator_generate_generator_from_file_and_env ) Run a generator for every project that is the same (by default, the generated generator is added immediately to your dev environment, in order you need to run generator_generate_generator_from_file_and_env )

If you don’t have a file to give to the generator, you can specify it by using an environment variable or you can just add the file with this line:

{% if generator_generate_generator_from_file_and_env($file, [], $env={}}) %}

As mentioned above when you pass an environment variable, one or more of the settings will be updated as they are defined. For example, you could specify an env_name by passing it in the env_path (see generator syntax), or a version in the env_name (see generator description) and so on.

When you run the generator, it will read the generated file from the file path and add it to the top of