How can you make a magnet? – Free Energy Generator Magnet Real

You can make a magnet out of a pencil…or a piece of string.

It all depends on the size and shape of the magnet you’re trying to make. What matters is how a magnet will stay attached to the end of the string, so make sure you are using the right type of paper for the project.

Take a piece of string that is about twice the length of the magnet. Pin the magnet to the end of the string.

You could also tie the string at a diagonal if you have a little extra room; or you could use a clip to secure it at the bottom.
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Use your magnet to poke a little hole in the side of the paper and let it sit there. It’s easy but very secure!

If your end of the string is pretty sharp, you may have to use a little thread to make sure it sticks.

When your string is nice and secure, pull it through between the magnet and the end of the string.

When you try and rotate the magnet, you’ll find that it snaps into place perfectly in place.

To use your magnet as a light source is easy, all you need to do is push the paper off or roll it away.

Use your magnet like an umbrella; you’ll definitely want to use it at night when you have to leave the house early!

Make sure whatever you use it for is something that can be taken with you.

It should be very light to the touch and as strong as a big magnet. You can also use it to find a good hiding spot!

How To Make Magnetic Balls

Mold a ball of cardboard into a ball shape. Put a piece of string around each ball. Take it away from the magnets and you have a magnet! To keep it secure, wrap it in a piece of newspaper or newspaper towel to keep the magnets secure. If you want to make a ball like the one you saw in the picture, place some more string on the base. That’s all there is to it!

Here are some other magnets you may see from our shop.

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