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A simple application to help people choose when to get a haircut.

Let’s say you want to tell a hairdresser, “Yes, I do want to start a career in hair design.” How do you go about finding the right hairdresser?

You could do some searching online or you could go out to a hairdresser directly—or you could go to someone you know well and ask them to come to yours. You could try asking friends for recommendations or you could use your social media skills to send out a Facebook post (or send to a friend). The point is, there’s a lot to be said for having professional-looking, professional-dressed people in your life! But if you’re just starting out in hairdressing; if you’re going to wait until you have more money, skills, contacts, or connections than your new hairdresser has and you just want to look good; if you don’t want to get into long, drawn-out talks about how good your hair was; and if you’re just looking to start making friends with a hairdresser who will make your life easier, then how do you go about finding one?

Well, I can explain that in a bit.

I’m going to make a simple website (using the HTML5 tag) that allows you to add a hairdresser to your list. Just click on their picture above, and you’ll see their profile. You’ll notice there’s an option to send a note when the hairdresser is available. Clicking “send” will send that notice to your current hairdresser.

We want everyone to be getting their hair cut by a professional hairdresser or salon. The only reason to wait is if you want the experience of a hairdresser to be a great experience. So, if you don’t want to wait for your hairdresser, why not click “add a hairdresser” and tell them you’ll be waiting. And if you do have an available hairdresser, why not give them the option to send along a friend’s notification when someone comes to their salon?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a friend and they don’t have to know you, but they might appreciate seeing that you’re looking, or they might send it on their friend’s behalf and you don