How can I stop my electricity from being shut off? – Gibbs Free Energy Change Units

If you suspect your electricity has been shut off while you are asleep on school property please call the school.

How are electricity supplies regulated?

At the moment the main energy supplier is Southern Gas who provide power to the school, but you are responsible for choosing the electricity supplier you use.

Where the water comes from

The water supply for Taunton College derives from the nearby Thames River and is supplied through a network of pipelines across Taunton and the River Tehama. We are connected to this through pipelines, so there is water on our premises as well as off. This water is then piped to the school and water tanks.

What is the cost of the water supply?

All our water supply is supplied for free via the Thames Basin Corporation (TBCC) which is part of the Government. This is in addition to other sources of water which help to supply students and visitors alike. It costs £13 per month to supply us. Please note that the price of water supply is variable but is determined by the level of demand and the amount you actually use.

Is there any water that is not supplied through the Thames Basin Corporation?

We supply some of our water supply through the Thames River, as there is no alternative.

Who does Taunton College use for its hot water?

We use some of the hot water that is supplied from the school to our hot tubs and showers. However, since this does not involve any use of energy (there can, however, be other circumstances in which this water may be supplied), it is not included in the cost of supplying our water supply.

When does Taunton College use energy?

Since all water is supplied for free by Taunton and Tehama, all of the electricity that is provided to Taunton College is of a standard electricity price. This electricity is delivered to Taunton in the form of an alternating current which means it does not require a substation.

How can I save electricity?
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We have installed our own PV systems to supply a fraction of the energy used. Currently our PV system (the two-way inverter) receives the excess electricity (this is the energy that was not used by the PV systems in the earlier days when there were more solar panels) and sends it back to the grid where it is used by the school (this is much more efficient and therefore, reduces our overall costs). Currently, the electric

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