How can I stop my electricity from being shut off? – Free Energy Formula

Call the electricity company within 15 days of the blackout date to report the blackout.

If the electricity company doesn’t answer you within 15 days, call another company that might.

You also can contact the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) at 1-800-955-2636 to request reimbursement.

What is not covered by my homeowners or renters policy?

In many cases, the residential or commercial electricity service included in your homeowner’s or renters’ policy may be not covered by local or State policies. For your best interest, it is essential that you understand what is excluded from service coverage. See the sections below on the exclusion of electrical work, repairs of electrical damage, and the exclusion of items like lights, heaters, toilets, and toilets and furnaces.

How can I know if my electrical service is covered?
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For the most up-to-date coverage rate information, call 1-800-955-2636 .

What is the exclusion of electrical work?

You may be able to exclude electrical work for all the appliances and products that are part of your home (not all such products are guaranteed to be covered but most are). The exclusion also covers minor repairs to certain items when work would cause an unacceptable loss of service. For example, in the event of a fire, an electrical fire could result in the loss of service. You may be able to exclude work to a certain extent even if such work would cause a reasonable risk of harm to your home (e.g., smoke from a furnace and water damage would also likely cause your service to be disconnected).

How can I claim a reimbursement for a loss of service during a blackout?

If you experience a blackout on your electric service and you don’t feel you are eligible for a claim due to an error on the utility bill, call. You will need a copy of your utility bill and proof that: the blackout was caused by you and

your electric service is disconnected or disconnected to the extent required

If you don’t have a claim, you can contact a representative at your local electric customer service center.

What is the exclusion of repair works?

An exclusion of repair work is usually the first time you realize service is being cut off. During a blackout you cannot make any repairs to your electrical equipment. Only the electric company can do this, and for these repairs there is no payment. These are repairs needed to make it safe to turn on

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