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We have some good news for the future: The first ever, official, commercial space-ready, commercial jetpack for passenger travel has been launched by the private company SpaceX on its next launch of the Falcon 9 rocket.

This first-of-its kind craft is called the Paragon Parachute System, and as you may infer, it has some big advantages over parachutes available to most, since it is an innovative, reusable system, powered by electric motors. There is also an ability to increase the number of passengers, as with the first time commercial jetpacks were used — on a large scale — as a way of encouraging private companies to develop similar systems.

As with any new technology, it is important to note that this new method of transport is only capable of flying in an atmosphere of Earth gravity. The actual flight through space and use on Earth will depend on whether you are flying an astronaut or if you are flying a commercial-type aircraft. You can read more about that further down the page.

Of course, at the current launch rate — three launch attempts per day — the Paragon Parachute System will have to wait another six months before it can be used commercially, and it will have to be used safely. SpaceX’s flight director for the Paragon Parachute System, Steve Spindell, told The Verge that his company is confident that if the first Paragon Parachute System launches successfully, it will be able to launch in the not to distant future, and that eventually it will be able to fly people into space.

While SpaceX’s launch has occurred shortly before that, there has been much interest in it from the international media, as well as the public, thanks to recent SpaceX milestones. These include the successful test flight of the first of the company’s upgraded Falcon 9 rockets on the weekend of 23 April 2015, and the successful deployment of the Paragon Parachute System, which carried a test dummy.

There are plenty of other reasons to be interested in this particular technology too. It brings with it some revolutionary advancements for space travel.

“As part of the mission to demonstrate the full potential that our Dragon spacecraft brings to the table, SpaceX completed a successful Falcon 9 rocket launch that placed Dragon on a trajectory to the space station

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