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The easiest thing about generating electricity on your own is to buy an electric vehicle.

A Tesla or other electric vehicle will generate the electricity needed to power it for you and is the most reliable way to generate home renewable energy for free or very cheap.

However, it can also cost thousands of dollars before you even get the vehicle.

The Tesla Model S costs $70,000 USD, which is more than twice the average annual income of a single male working full-time ($28,650).

This means most people cannot afford to buy their own green car in order to have the option to generate home renewable energy, as the cost at that time would have been just as difficult. So to make the most of your home renewable energy potential, the best way to go is to go electric.

Here are some of the alternatives to having to spend hundreds or thousands to purchase a Tesla electric car:

1. Solar Panels:

A solar panel is a huge improvement over having a gas powered stove. A solar panel is the only way to generate electricity that is clean and costs much less to produce that is free of pollutants.

A solar panel is also much cheaper and far less of a hassle than buying a gas powered stove or a wood burning stove.

The best solar panel installer is actually more of a DIY person than an electrician as a solar panel maker is not an extremely well-paying career.

If it can be found in the market at a low price (typically $1,500-$3,000), then the solar panel maker is likely a better career choice on a personal level. If it is found more expensively than that, then the solar panel maker could be overqualified to do electrician work in a home.

2. Water Hose:

A common method of generating a little bit of power in your bathroom is to utilize water heaters. These water heaters are a great way to get the most energy out of your home for a low or even free cost.

A small water heater is great because it will heat up to a certain temperature quickly and be safe for the water. If it is an oversized water heater, it can cost as much as $10,000 USD. So even though water heaters cost money they could generate more home renewable energy at a lower cost than using a gas powered heater.

3. A Solar Hose:

Solar heaters can be used to generate

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